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Zayn Malik Heardle

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About Zayn Malik Heardle

Did you hear about playing games while listening to music? Don't you feel eager to solve the mystery of the song? Do you listen to Zayn Malik's music? Are any of Zayn's songs known to you? What does it feel like to play the game by listening to the song and solving the puzzle?

Who is Zayn Malik?

A British musician by the name of Zayn Malik, he was born in 1993. Malik, who was a single competitor on The X Factor in 2010, is from Bradford. He also released "Icarus Falls" as the album's first single in addition to "Let Me." After reaching a high position of #73 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song has amassed over 450 MILLION streams globally! The "Bradford Bad Boy," despite the fact that he did not win the competition, received praise from both the judges and the public and has not looked back since.

How does Zayn Malik Heardle work?

According to the game's website, Heardle will play a brief prelude to each song from a list of musicians who are well-known on live-streaming websites. Players will not be given any extra information if they guess correctly on their first try because there is just one second of information accessible in the initial snippet. Up until the last clip, which plays the music for 16 seconds, each subsequent sample becomes longer and longer. If the excerpt appears too brief, players can also skip a few attempts, but they should proceed with caution since they might run out of guesses. Below are some facts about Zayn Malik Heardle.

How to play Zayn Malik Heardle

Use your knowledge of Zayn Malik's songs to guess the name of this song

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