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About Video Game Heardle

The most widely used collection of video game music, Video Game Heardle, has virtually every song ever used in a video game. Your only duty is to determine the titles of the songs.

Video Game Heardle uses music to implement the same idea as Wordle, which offers one English word to guess each day. Each day, the players can find one song. However, they only get six chances to predict it and one second from the introduction on the first try.

With each try, they might add additional seconds to the introduction. You may listen to the entire song and share your results with your friends whether you succeed or fail.

Since it includes almost all of the songs in video games, this Heardle rendition is the most well-known for video game music. It follows the same guidelines as the original Heardle game: players get six chances to correctly identify the music and video game. They get to predict one new song per day and hear more music on each try. It clearly emphasizes the most well-known and well-liked songs, but it may also include older games with more recent ones.

Video Game Heardle allows more than 100 different songs from many world famous games. Here is a list of popular games that will have songs featured in this hot game: Final Fantasy, Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Pokémon..

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