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About TWICE Heardle

Recently, a TWICE adaptation of Heardle gained popularity online. Based on the popular word game Wordle, Heardle asks fans to identify the music based on a brief excerpt.

A variety of spinoffs from Wordle exist, from challenging puzzles to brainteasers. As players had to predict songs from a variety of performers across multiple genres and decades in the music guessing game Heardle in February, music enthusiasts quickly grew hooked on it.
Heardle encourages users to correctly identify the song of the day in six tries using excerpts from the song's entrance, in contrast to Wordle, which offers six opportunities to guess the word of the day using clues relating to the positioning of various letters.

The format and guidelines used in the original Heardle are also used in the unofficial fan-made TWICE Heardle. The primary distinction is that every song in the game is drawn from the catalog of the well-known band. Each participant has six attempts to identify the music properly. A new one-second segment of the song is unlocked for each correct guess. The player can hear the music sample for two seconds if they decide to forgo a chance.
When a player is prepared to guess, they may input the name of the song, and the game will immediately present them with a selection of possible guesses. In accordance with the player's timezone, the game resets at midnight. Only one game can be played per day.

How to play TWICE Heardle

Using mouse

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