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About Posterdle

A daily movie poster guessing game is called Posterdle. We believe you'll enjoy this online game where, if you appreciate movies, you have to identify a mystery movie poster in just 20 seconds and six guesses...

Posterdle could become your favorite Wordle if you have a photographic memory and can recall the movie posters that have been shown in theaters over the past 40 years. You will be required to guess the movie the poster in Posterdle relates to, as is the case with other games of this genre, by presenting a challenge each day.

Of course, since the game's rules are in English, at first you might not fully get how the mechanics of this version work. In the same manner, we describe its operation:

Posterdle will start to explain the picture that displays on the screen as soon as you press the "Start" button.
The movie's title is at danger as the time (20 seconds) passes. What do you suppose the poster is all about?
If you make a mistake, you will still be able to go on since the game will take additional time to raise the poster's resolution.
When that period of time is up, Posterdle will clearly display the movie poster.

How to play Posterdle

Posterdle does not require you to download an app to your mobile device in order to play, unlike other Wordle variations that we may discover online.

Additionally, the same functions on desktops, phones, and tablets. Being continually connected to the Internet is the sole prerequisite needed to play.

Without further ado, you must click the link provided at the conclusion of the post if you want to play this Wordle of movies (it will take you directly to the Posterdle website).

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