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Phone Transform

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About Phone Transform

Are you ready to go on an educational run with your child? Then the Phone Transform Math Run is just the right game for you. Get ready, get set and transform...

Are you ready to go on an educational run with your child? Then the Phone Transform Math Run is just the right game for you. Get ready, get set and transform into a running monster! The gameplay of this math arcade game will test your child’s knowledge regarding numbers and their relation to each other. While playing as a monster, your child will need to solve math problems by either jumping over them or touching them. If they answer incorrectly or don’t touch it at all, they won’t be able to progress any further through the game. However, if they give the correct answer and do the math task correctly, they can move forward. Your kid must transform into different monsters in order to complete the levels of this math game for kids. Let’s see how these transformations happen in this cute monster transformation game for you.

Are you the ultimate Smart Phone addict? Prove it by beating this fast-paced, super addictive, and challenging game! In Smart Phone Freak you need to find 5 differences in each picture that appears for a few seconds. Sounds easy? It will get harder and faster as you advance through the levels! If you can’t beat the high score or think you can do better, why not challenge your friends and see who can get the highest score?! This HTML5 game is for kids aged 7 and up. It involves no reading but loads of math skills (addition, subtraction). Perfect for kids who enjoy playing games on their phone. 

Are you the ultimate math ninja? Test your skills with this fast-paced, action-packed game where you have to react quickly and think strategically to reach the next level. Every time you play, the difficulty changes so it will never get boring! Don't let the simplicity of this game fool you. It's hard! But if you like a good challenge and are up for a creative way to strengthen your math skills, then this is just the right game for you! Let’s get started!

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge for your math skills? Then try this new flash-based arcade game, where you have to help a little red phone with numbers as its main character. This is an educational game that will test and train your kid’s math skills, but at the same time it will be fun and challenging. If you know your math well and want to challenge yourself further then play this awesome game right now!


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Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Slide to play

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