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About NCT Heardle

NCT is notorious for having several different subgroups and members. With a total of 23 members, 4 subgroups, plus member solos, it makes sense that the group's Heardle would have a huge list. NCity Heardle is the name of the game.

The most challenging task is undoubtedly NCT's Heallde, which encompasses the whole Neo Culture Technology family and all of its numerous sub-groups. Furthermore, you should receive a medal for being the biggest NCT fan if you can easily complete the game! If you are a devoted NCT fan, the game will be easy for you. Show your body by doing so. You must correctly guess the names of the songs on the list.

The prelude to each song from the group's hit list will be played by NCT Heardle, according to the game's website. If the player guesses right on the first try, they will only have access to the first second of information; no more information will be offered. The music continues for 16 seconds up to the last clip, with each succeeding sample increasing longer and longer. You can hit skip till the very end if you've listened for a little while but are still uncertain of the solution. However, exercise caution since you only have specific opportunities; seize them. Good luck!

How to play NCT Heardle

Using mouse

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