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About Kirby Heardle

The well-known music video game Heardle is perfectly replicated in Kirby Heardle. You will be put to the test by being asked to pick out Kirby tunes from brief samples based on your understanding of music.

The brand-new Wordle clone Kirby Heardle, which debuted earlier this week, is the most recent of these perplexing puzzles. Similar to the well-known Heardle game that came before it, Kirby Heardle plays a brief segment of Kirby game music and asks the player to name the song it comes from. Longer chunks are played when the guess is incorrect, but the game is over after six incorrect guesses. After hearing the right music, players may share their score on social media and dare their friends to guess it first.

The music of the Kirby franchise is just as vibrant, exciting, and upbeat as the show's protagonist, but as Kirby Heardle demonstrates, it can be extremely difficult to pick out a certain song from a long clip. two. Fans and lovers of Nintendo's lovable platforming mascot can now test their musical knowledge of Kirby in the game itself. Don't miss this opportunity and show your ability to everyone. Good luck!

How to play Kirby Heardle

Use your memory and flexibly use the mouse, you will be able to listen to each piece of music suggested to guess the name of the song.

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