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Jigsaw Hero

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About Jigsaw Hero

Just because you understand how the world works doesn’t mean you can ignore the small print! Even though we are only human, there is one thing we are...

This is an amazing childhood memory that has been slowly turning into something of an obsession as I get older. It came to me as a result of a video game, and Stereo Hero is the game that inspired it. It’s simply amazing how much you can put into a few words when you think about it. The story follows the story of two siblings, Strokk and Rikku, who play ‘coins’ in the arcade at night to pass the time. One day, they meet a mysterious boy who will help them win their battle against the coins once and for all. 

This is the first time in my life that a game has been called 'The impossible task '. The challenge was to make a graphics and sound effects game that I can play on my smartphone, no matter how many times I press.


How to play Jigsaw Hero

Using Mouse

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