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Hovercraft Flying 3D

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About Hovercraft Flying 3D

Hovercraft Flying 3D is an arcade game where you need to fly your hovercraft through a series of levels filled with collectibles, traps and enemies. There...

Hovercraft Flying 3D is an arcade game where you need to fly your hovercraft through a series of levels filled with collectibles, traps and enemies. There are three types of coins: gold, silver and bronze. You need to collect as many gold coins as possible. But be careful! Touching a trap will cause you to drop all the coins you have collected so far. Be especially mindful of the red “danger” zones – they have traps in them! There will also be flying red pots that throw explosive fireballs at you if you get too close. They can be quite tricky to don’t get me started on those green spinning cactus things! The controls are simple: use your finger to control the left side of the screen to turn left, and vice versa for right. 

Hovercraft Flying 3D is a new and exciting arcade game about piloting a hovercraft through challenging courses as fast as you can. It’s easy to learn, but challenging to master. It’s cute, addictive, and sure to keep you coming back for more! The game features 40+ challenging levels across 5 different environments with lots of variety in the types of tracks you race on. You’ll need quick reflexes and good planning if you want to make it through all the checkpoints without crashing! If you like fast-paced arcade games that test your skills and require fast thinking, then Hovercraft Flying 3D will be right up your alley. If Then maybe try another one of our cool Unity3D games instead?

Have you ever dreamed of flying above the ocean or green grass fields without any barriers? Or maybe you’ve always wished to fly on a ship above all other ships in the sea? If your answer is yes, we have some good news! You can fulfill that dream by playing Hovercraft Flying 3D game with your device! This free 3D hovercraft flying game will take you on an epic journey across treacherous terrains and beautiful blue seas. This game combines elements of different genres and styles, such as: puzzle, platformer, arcade, car racing, collect s and kids games. We think you will like it! 

Hovercraft Flying 3D is a simple and fun game that challenges your reactions. You will pilot your hovercraft through the course collecting balloons, avoiding rocks and collecting coins to beat each level. There are three different game modes in Hovercraft Flying 3D; Time Attack, Collect Coins and Avoid Rocks. Depending on how hard you want to challenge yourself there is an option for everyone. 


How to play Hovercraft Flying 3D

Using Mouse

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