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About Heardle Anime

Heardle anime is a game where your task will be to listen to an anime music and then guess what song it is. It will be quite interesting if you are a loyal fan of the anime genre...

It seems like there are ten or twenty new Wordle versions every time we turn around, much like the Hydra of Greek and Roman mythology. Heardle, an established audio-based spinoff, has a new offshoot called Anime Heardle. Players try to identify the series from which they hear bits of an anime opening theme, ending theme, or OST tune. Each missed or wrong response opens new song sections that provide extra suggestions.

There's a possibility you'll perform well if you regularly watch anime, but for the rest of us, this page will include the solutions to the daily anime soundtrack guessing game. Try your best to identify the music on your own, but if you're having trouble, we can assist you. However, given how many anime there are, nobody can criticize you for being unable to predict it.

To share your results, use Anime Heardle. On the results screen, after correctly guessing the music, click the Share option. You can paste the outcomes wherever you like because they are copied to your clipboard.

How to play Heardle Anime

Heardle Anime is easy to play. You can click the play button, and then listen to the song's introduction. Find the anime title using the search bar at the bottom of the screen, then enter your responses.

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