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About BTS Heardle

Players get seven chances to identify the proper BTS song with a brief snippet in the game BTS Heardle. Don't miss this game if you're a fan of BTS. Enjoy it now!

BTS Heardle allows players seven opportunities to select the right song title from a dropdown menu while displaying the lyrics to a fresh boy band song every day. The music starts to play if you don't get it correctly on your first try based just on the words, and the clip becomes longer the more erroneous answers you make. When the solution is revealed, the game prompts you to listen to the music on Spotify and post your results on social media.

For each guess in the new game, suggestions are provided. The game asks questions about the band's history and includes both the original Korean lyrics and their English translations.

If you identify the song of the day correctly seven times, you win. Read the lyrics, which are shown in both English and Korean, to try and determine the song's title. There isn't a music sample provided for first guess.
You can hear a sample of the music once you've made your initial guess. Even while it won't last long, if you are familiar with their music, you will be able to easily recognize it, especially if it is one of their more well-known tracks.

How to play BTS Heardle

In order to listen and identify the music, you must have patience. It's important to note that if you skip, you'll hear further music excerpts. When you're ready, type a name in the text box, choose a song, and press the Submit button. Results can also be shared on Twitter via the website.

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